Hi ! I’m Antoine. I’m a 31 years old Systems and Network administrator, specialized in Linux and network management. I am not currently looking for a new opportunity.

If you find my profile interesting or if you have any questions, please send me an email !

Skills Summary

  • Expertise in Linux and Cisco IOS routing, firewalling, QoS and VLAN configuration, for IPv4 and IPv6 ;
  • Knowledge of dynamic routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP) and VPN software (OpenVPN) ;
  • Experience with a DDOS mitigation system (Arbor TMS) ;
  • Expertise in standard network and systems analyzing and troubleshooting tools (tcpdump, dig, atop, wireshark, traceroute) ;
  • Knowledge of monitoring software (nagios, shinken, cacti, smokeping, observium, ELK) ;
  • Experience with Linux servers and desktops installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting (on both Debian and RedHat based distributions) ;
  • Familiarity with the most common network protocols (HTTP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, CIFS) and their associated daemons (nginx, apache, bind, powerdns, dhcpd, dnsmasq, postfix, dovecot, samba) ;
  • Ability to write and debug bash, batch and powershell scripts ;
  • Experience with clustering and high-availability technologies (heartbeat, ipvsadm, VRRP, HSRP, SLB) ;
  • Knowledge of virtualization technologies (VMWare Workstation, KVM, Xen, Proxmox, LXC) ;
  • Experience with information resources management and incident management software (GLPI, OCS Inventory, FusionInventory) ;
  • Familiarity with Windows desktop (8, 7 and XP) and server (2012, 2008, 2003) families, and with Mac OS X.

Work Experience

NAMESHIELD (Angers, France)

Network Architect, from 09/2015 to now

  • Technical projects management :
    • WiFi deployment, using Cisco WLC and Aironet devices as well as Freeradius for EAP-TLS/802.1x user authentication ;
    • VLAN deployment ;
    • L2 VPN setup using OpenVPN to securely propagate private VLANs over the internet ;

Systems and Network Administrator, from 102013 to 08/2015

  • Technical projects management, notably :
    • Definition, configuration and maintenance of a highly-available networking architecture for WAN, site-to-site and road warrior VPN access ;
    • Setup of a DDOS mitigation system and its associated procedures ;
    • IPv6 deployment, on both LAN and data-center hosted machines ;
    • Setup of a centralized logging solution and its associated scripts to generate statistics ;
  • Linux systems, VOIP Phones, Cisco switches and routers configuration, deployment, administration and troubleshooting ;
  • Daily monitoring and production control, and incident management ;
  • User support on Linux and Windows systems.

INIT SYS - Alphalink Group (Pornic, France)

Systems and Network Administration Technician, from 102012 to 08/2013

  • Linux systems and services installation and configuration, on both physical and virtual machines ;
  • Documentation of newly installed systems and their role within the existing infrastructure ;
  • Servers and network monitoring and optimisation ;
  • Systems and network maintenance operations during closed business hours ;
  • Automation of redundant tasks through scripting ;
  • Level 3 customer and internal support ;

Technical Support Engineer, from 02/2012 to 102012

  • Level 1 customer support for both French and international customers and suppliers over the telephone and by e-mail ;
  • Troubleshooting customers and internal users networking and system issues using standard tools and, when needed, through research and reproduction ;
  • Contacting and following up with the appropriate internal services when needed to solve the issue.

CHALLANS City Hall (Challans, France)

Internship, from 09/2011 to 112011

  • Installation and configuration of a highly-available front-end reverse proxy ;
  • Documentation of the installation and configuration process ;
  • Level 1 user support.


Technical Support Engineer - Six months training course

IMIE, Rezé (France) from 02/2011 to 09/2011

Bachelor Graduate in French Civil Law

Universities of Nantes and Poitiers (France) from 2006 to 2010